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They are sick

Brain disease

Can you imagine, that lots of skillful people, sitting in government and administration above you, making decisions hitting you directly, suffer from brain disease?
Most probably not.
For brain disease produces inferiority. Brain disease weakens a person. That´s your idea. But is this true?
Let´s have a look on components of inferiority and superiority! 
Let´s have a look on qualities of persons!

Suggest, a brain disease triggers persons to be much more active than normal people. Doing more they can reach more. Does this add to inferiority or to superiority. Clearly to superiority.

Suggest, a common brain disease triggers persons to work much more together than normal people. Doing so they can reach much more. Then they can use the strength of a group. While an individual is fighting on his own to overcome difficulties, loosing limited energy and limited time, they are already lightyears ahead in their group, comprising specialists and more money power and a wider net of helpful connections. Does this add to inferiority or to superiority. Clearly to superiority.
Their activities are lead by their intelligence and by their skills.
Crazy people can have low or high intelligence. Both. That is known. So high intelligence can play a part, can be present in persons with brain disease. That is no contradiction. Intelligence is merely a neutral tool to reach an aim.

The aim can be given by natural and sound motivation or by sick motivation, by a special kind of brain disease. Intelligence is neutral. But skills are dependent on more factors than intelligence alone. Exercise is an important factor. 
A person with an high activity level is exercising more, is developing greater skills than a lazy person. Equal intelligence plus greater skills end up in a plus in regard to superiority. 
And there is a further factor, giving a person greater skills: expert teachers! A teacher even can give less intelligent people great skills by training them to manage a number of situations simply by copying the teacher. And if the persons with brain disease are members of a big group, they can rely on a very special teacher, called tradition.

Now we have been looking on individals and on groups. 

Can it be, that a person has aquired a brain disease accidently? Clearly yes. A fall or a car accident can cause damage to the brain, combined with brain disease. Mostly these brain diseases are of the kind, weakening the person.
Can it be, that persons have inherited a brain disease from their parents? Clearly yes. Lots of them are known. Most of them weakening and negative.
About inherited brain diseases, which give some sort of superiority, nearly nothing is known to the public.

But in our research on top we have seen, that such brain diseases are possible. It could be, that groups of people, hit by such a disease, do everything to hide their disease, playing a game before the society „We are normal. We have fine qualities. We have superior qualities and are going to rule over You.“ At the same time it could be, that they have all but fine motivations, but are hiding that as long as possible, in order to hit and to damage the ruled society in the end extremely hard. Or extinguish it. Or extinguish parts of it, holding the rest as their work force in absolute slavery.

That could be the explantion for little knowledge over people with helping brain diseases, present in great numbers, possibly in millions: these people are hiding their diseases, they are playing the guerrilla game: <We are not present. When you come to see us, it´s too late>.

They want to hit you very hard:

damage the health of the people as much as possible

by poisening water and air in small steps, but on large scale,

by chemtrails for instance, producing autistic children in the young generation and Alzheimer in the old generation, as neurologs state, *)

and poisoning the food in smal steps more and more, using research results in the food sector not to improve food quality, but on the contrary decreasing the food quality with the outcome degeneration:

always more children showing bad teeth, not in line, needing a piece of steel in the mouth to correct a bit of the damage, the visible part, (what are the facts: true or not?), while the invisible damage to the organs of the growing children is going on, making them weak, making them weak adults later, with their own children still weaker or even and increasingly without children, unwanted childless: thr last step in degeneration, willingly caused by the rulers.

Why should the rulers do that?

That is the wrong question !
The correct question is: „What are the facts? Are they doing it? Yes or no?“ 

When the answer is given, when the facts are known, and the answer is: yes, they are damaging on big scale in many fields, 
then,only then and not earlier, we can go on asking: 
„How can it happen, that they are doing that?“

The answer can be: hereditary brain disease in a group of persons with high activity level, with the habit to crowd and to work under a chosen leader with discipline together, with great skills and all with the same wrongly orientated sick motivation to damage, to cause pain and to kill, enjoying killer-games enormously as 9/11 and MH17 and WW1 and WW2

and the hunger-death-war 1945-1948 against Germany, trying to extinguish all Germans by starvation (genocide) behind a wall of mist and blocked news (tried by Roosevelt, Morgenthau (Crypto-Jew-names) and a big group of Crypto-Jews, all in power-postitions.

This starvation war (a fact, but nearly unknown in the young generation, described by a nearly unknown book “The Planned Death” od James Bacque, Canada, was interrupted by the normal Truman in cooperation with ex-president Hoover after the death of the sick devil Roosevelt),

Iraq war after 9/11, Syria war, en .. en .. en. 
They are born damagers, born killers , enjoying these wrong activities enormously.  That are the facts. Now we can ask, why.

Facts of today, found in the torture castle in Switserland of George Sorros, the arrested billionair, children in cages, frozen body parts of tortured and killed kids, frozen arms and legs, show: they are lust-murderers.

The lust-murderer- brain-disease is known more or less, was not deeply understood . And most of all: it was not known, that there are so many persons infected: millions and millions, hiding and playing their underground killer-games and damage-games, the damage-games each day, the killer-games with silently catched children each weak, the bigger killer-games as MH17 and 9/11 and greater wars with more time between.

That is the brain disease, they are suffering from. No doubt is possible. But they managed to hide this disease before the eyes of the society longer than 120 years, since the Zionist-congres 1897.

During the Zionist-congress they announced their planned crimes in a small circle of 200 persons and then they documented their plans In the Zionist papers to spread these evil plans in the CryptoJews underground community. After this starter-event they used their skills and strength as organized big group of many millions (descendants of the Khazaria-Huns nation / Attila, the Hun, is known) to enroll their sick plans until today, driven by brain-disease. By nothing else.

In other papers we described already the links between the natural ppp-program of healthy kids, of the playing pranks program ppp, and the lust-murderer brain disease. A mutation of the ppp-gene is giving these dangerous people limited superiority and the motivation to attack weak parties and to damage them, lead by part 1 of ppp, the attack program, while part 2 of ppp, the brake program, limiting the damage, active in healthy children, with the result innocent pranks, is n o t running. It has got broken or blocked by the mutation. A deadly combination, present in adults with adult forces: aggression with intention to harm, unlimited. That´s the explanation of the deadly power of the sick groups: parts of the ppp-program are supporting them, giving them the ability to crowd easily, to cooperate easily, to prepare a prank together, enjoying this preparation already, then waiting together to hit the weak victim together in the proper moment, then celebrating a successful “prank” together. With all their skills they are working together in small, in larger and in very large groups. All the discipline of some 100 million organized persons worldwide to cooperate with their chosen chiefs and in the top of their power pyramid with their secret king. All their bundled skills are not used to contribute to the well-being of the nations and of the earth globe, but are used to sabotate and destruct the well-being of all. And to destruct the globe. And that because of a misdirection of their motivation, caused by brain disease, caused by the gene-defect, caused by the mutation.

The researcher Dr. Francis Pottenger had found and published 1942, that cooked milk and pasteurized milk cause degeneration. How did the born damager-society of Crypto-Jews with a lot of members in power positions use that: they made laws, prescribing to pasteurize all milk.
Since long time Big Pharma is poisoning the people with pills. 
The Cancer-parasite Candida is used to kill the people in place of killing the parasite (Dr.Simoncini´s discovering is perverted), and and and ….. Lust-murderer-activities on big scale! With enormous power. Wih group-power. And with power over our money, printing our money in their privately owned Central Banks, playing manipulation games with money endlessly, using money as a weapon, stealing and robbing money of the tax-payers and robbing fortunes of entrepreneur-families with bad tricks,

No crime market the crypto-Jews are not familiar with. In the huge drug market they are the big fishes.They are engaged not only because of big profit, but of the pleasure to damage by the stuff.

The power-generator of Nicola Tesla, able to solve all energy problems and all man made klimate problems, was taken away by the Crypto-Jew C.G. Morgan, who supported the devastating oil-industry instead. The Crypto-Jews have the technology and must give it free. The Entity Keunig-Reich orders to give it free. Keunig-Reich has the means to get it as soon as the power system is fallen apart.

The oil-industry is damaging the planet. The Crypto-Jews don´t bother. They enjoy it. They can, because their wracked ppp-program is rewarding them with an abundance of pleasure for crimes.

Further more, they can end all problems of surface-bound traffic.They have Ufo-technology sinds Roswell. Reengineerd. But want to misuse it by using it as a weapon against us. (President Eisenhower said: “The Ufo-technology of the Roswell ET´s is fallen in the wrong hands.”) They have plans to raid us in Ufos, playing Ets, subjugate us, errecting their terror- dictatorship, expanding the torture castle of George Sorros to a worldwide torture castle. Plans of lust-murderers!

In regard to Ufos read the book “The Money-Maffia” of Prof. Paul Hellyer

With our knowledge of their inside we get hold on them. Depriving them of all power posts, of all control

over the media,

over the money,

over the food-industry and other industries

over politics,

and punish them for their mega-crimes.

The military tribunals of Trump get a lot of work.
Many of the murderers will get the death penalty.

The possibility of healing lustmurderers must be considered also.

Our researcher-group is working on the task of converting their evil motivation from minus to plus.




Find facts over Sorro´s torture castle, Bush and the military tribunals

of Trump on the website truthunsealed.com from David Zublick

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*) One of the world’s most respected Neurosurgeons has warned that chemtrails are responsible for an increase in alzheimer’s, dementia, parkinson’s, and ALS.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock has voiced his concerns about nanoaluminum, neurodegenerative and the neurodevelopment effects of chemtrails.

Collective-evolution.com reports: This article outlines some of the evidence regarding chemtrails aimed to illustrate that there is a reality behind this ‘conspiracy’. It is definitely something the public should be made aware of.

My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum (9).

The Crypto-Jews,

the descendants of the Huns from Khazaria,

from 376 nC until 453 nC with an army on horses in Europe, 451 nC the battle on the Katalaunischen Feldern in France, this strong army under King Attila defeated for the first time then,

came later back to Europe under the wrong name Jews: Crypto-Jews. They are organized as a guerrilla-army under Rothschild-Rockefeller-leaders, a secret king at the top. A new “Attila” !

The Crypto-Jews / Attila-Jews of today own more then half of all money, own more money than 7 billion people, gotten via money-manipulation in banks (the bankers --- the Money-Maffia) and criminal activities, especially war-games (WW1, WW2, Iraq-war etc.)

Most of that money is in the hands of RoRo, the Rothschild-Rockefeller-leaders, the billionairs.

A serious attack on us is running now. You can watch it day by day. This attack is changing the ph of the earth under our feets, the ph of the soil on the fields of the farmers, making the ground in small steps more and more infertile. Future harvests are in danger. Starvation of 7 billion people can be the end, if we don´t stop the attack. The weapon of the ongoing attack is mainly nanoaluminium, besides barium and strontium.

Nanoaluminium is coming down on the surface of the earth worldwide from an armada of spray-planes, drawing chemtrails criss-cross over the sky, from horizon to horizon. You can watch it day by day.

The fallout is harming our health, is causing intense inflamations in tissues of the body, with result death of billions of cells in the body and especially in the brain. With enough brain cells dead and only a few over, you are a typical Alzheimer-case, a living nobody without any personality, with large parts of your brain dead.

Nanoaluminium is accumulating in the soil on the fields, in the body and in the brain. If the accumulating is high enough to make the biggest damage, it is too late to react. Then our power to react is gone. We have to react n o w !

Our reaction is:

  1. We ask and will not stop asking until we know it :

    Who has ordered to spray nanoaluminium into the air we breath, into the water, we drink, on our fields, perishing the harvests coming, making us starve in the future. Who makes more and more of our children autistic. Who makes more and more out of our seniors lost people with Alzheimer and Dementia by nanoaluminium? Who is it. Is it the king of the Crypto-Jews? Is it the whole RoRo-gang? Is it the whole nation of Cryptp-Jews, following the orders of their secret King?

  2. The experts in the field stay saying: “It is not one government, because the chemtrails appear over each part of the world. Therefore the wrong-doer must be a big group with a lot of influence in nearly all countries and with a lot of money to finance the nanoaluminium and the sprayplanes and the huge quantities of kerosin for the planes, operating day by day over huge parts of the planet. RoRo is owner of the oil-industry and can get the kerosin very cheap. No difficulty for RoRo. Nanoaluminum is a cheap substance. No difficulty for RoRo to produce it in own hidden factories. Who is the owner of these special spray-planes? We have to answer this question. Most probably the wrong-doer, the attacker on our air, on our water, on our fields, on our children, on our seniors and on us is the owner of the armada of planes too. For a group of billionairs with war plans it is no problem to build an armada of planes and to operate with it. Another party than such a group of billionairs with money power is not known. …..................... Secondly, as we have seen above, the crypto-jews suffer from the brain disease ppp-disorder, what is the same as the lustmurderer-disease. They are able to commit each crime and enjoy it. They have committed 9/11 (G.W.Bush has testified to be guilty and has gotten the death penalty for it) and, driven by their brain disease, they are also able to attack us with an armada of planes spraying nano-aluminium. They have influence in many countries. Via their puppets in the governments of these countries they can get the silent permission to fly and to spray, hiding their real intentions behind lies as fighting the climate change with weather-engineering. …............ For 99% is sure, that the RoRo-group is the criminal group, attacking us. That is warfare. War laws are in power. We have to catch them and to test them. We can test them with www.memory-test.jaaaa.net , making them speak without voice. But we must be cautious. We should do every step with undoutedly legal means. Act only via honest police with the legal task to arrest criminals. Luckily, the special forces of Trump have already arrested George Sorros alias Schwarz, a known member of the Crypto-Jews-gang. We ask Trump to give us permission to ask the memory of Sorros: “Who is the attacker? Who has ordered to attack us? Undoutedly the memory of Sorros knows and will answer. When we know it 100%, than we take legal steps. …......... Already now the entity Keunig-Reich orders to stop the armada of spray-planes immediately.



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